Free Samples : Free samples are subject to Solo’s discretion at all times. Free samples are available up to a maximum of £50 per order. Samples will be despatched FOC 1st class UK mainland only. Any courier charges or charges for delivery outside the UK will be charged at cost. This offer is available until the end of 2012 but may be withdrawn by Solo at any time.

Free Visuals : Free visuals are subject to Solo’s discretion at all times. Solo will endeavour to supply visuals with one working day (faster if possible). This offer is available until the end of 2012 but may be withdrawn by Solo at any time.
End User e-Mailers : these emailers are available to any distributor and can be downloaded here. The offers are subject to Solo’s general terms and conditions, and the specific terms and conditions stated on the mailers.



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The Answers
  •  (1) We can work with most formats as long as they are HIGH RESOLUTION! As a rule of thumb the pixel dimensions need to be at least 1000 x 1000 and the memory size at least 500kb. The formats we most commonly work with are: .jpg .gif .eps .tiff .psd .cdr .pdf. If you're not sure email the logo and we'll have a go, if we can't use it we'll let you know.
  •  (2) Lead time for engraved items is generally 5-7 days from order and 7-10 days for embossing when items are in stock. There is always flexibility on this so ring us with all enquiries.
  •  (3) Unfortunately as we do all our own personalisation in house there is not the facility for printing.
  •  (4) There is no minimum engraving area but years of experience have helped us to understand when artwork may cause a potential problem with legibility. Before engraving every job we always do a scrap engraving to satisfy ourselves to the legibility and so any concerns can be flagged with our customers before we complete the run.
  •  (5) Engraving areas are very much dependant on product and so there are no hard and fast rules on this. If in doubt, give us a shout!
  •  (6) Either our engraving or embossing is free for orders of 10 pieces and above.
  •  (7) The main difference is that diamond engraving “etches” the item and so the lines engraved are very defined and clear. Diamond engraving is the only option that Solo offers and this was because we felt that this gives our products the finishing touches they need.
  •  (8) All of our engraving is the same colour as the item and so a colour option is not available.
  •  (9) The majority of our products come in a very high standard of packaging, a lift off lid box with a high gloss finish that makes the item “present ready”, a gift that you can be glad to be associated with
  •  (10) Not only do we engrave in house but we also provide blind embossing within our dedicated engraving shop. This means that we have a tighter control on lead times and quality to ensure that we can do the best for all our customers.
  •  (11) All our stock is UK based and so we can ensure fast turnarounds on the majority of jobs. Plain stock items can even sometimes be turned around next day if we receive the order soon enough!
  •  (12) Stock replenishment varies from product to product and also on quantity. The majority of the leather items are delivered in approximately 4-6 weeks and the majority of the silver plated items in approximately 8 weeks but ring us to find out if there’s anything already on it’s way!
  •  (13) Pre production samples are available at an additional cost so ask for details.
  •  (14) Again, branding on packaging is available on certain products but even if not available as standard then feel free to ask what other options are available.
  •  (15) Accept certain inalienable truths, prices will rise, politicians will philander, you too will get old and eventually silver will tarnish. Our silver plated products will eventually tarnish like all other silver items but the speed of this is very much dependant on how these items are stored, keep them in a cool dry place away from harsh sunlight and they’ll be fine for quite some time.
  •  (16) It’s sometimes hard to believe with the prices that we sell them out at but yes, all our leather items are made from genuine cow hide, that’s real leather to your and me!