Bespoke Awards

Bespoke Award 1

Roundel style award, made from Encapsulated Acrylic. Versatile award could be used for recognition, or promotion. Dimensions: 245mm x 220mm x 55mm.





Bespoke Award 2

Rectangular award, in a contemporary design. Made from encapsulated acrylic, which makes it possible for you to apply your company colours to the whole award. A stand out award, and so, perfect for brand re-enforcement. Dimensions: 330mm x 200mm x 65mm.




Bespoke Award 3

A more adventurous award, design wise. Let someone who deserves it know with this modern and stylish award. Made from Encapsulated Acrylic. Dimensions: 235mm x 220mm x 55mm.



Bespoke Award 4

This metal cut out award is very elegant, and so ideal for that subtle reminder. Your own message can be placed substituting the word "Team". Brass logo and wooden base. Dimensions: 220mm x 120mm x 75mm.




Bespoke Award 5

The quadrant award is surface printed, making the message literally shine through. Fits wonderfully on a desk, and can double as a handy paper weight! Made from Acrylic. Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 25mm.




Bespoke Award 6

The tick of best practice! This stunning award is made from solid slate with a silver plated plaque finish. You can arrange to have any shape put in place of the tick, and so, it can be truly personalised.
Dimensions: 165mm x 230mm x 60mm.




Bespoke Award 7

Let your star staff know it with this charming incentive award. A strong reminder of good workplace ethics. Made from glass, and again, a model size for a paper weight. Dimensions: 90mm x 100mm x 50mm.




Bespoke Award 8

Triangular design award is made from green slate, which is then laser engraved. Any shape can be made from the slate, or if you really want an award with a difference, you can mix materials. Dimensions: 170mm x 190mm x 50mm.




Bespoke Award 9

This is a fantastic example of art nouveau statuette made from electo-plated resin.




Bespoke Awards


We specialise in producing bespoke awards to meet your client's exact recommendations. Listed above are just a few of the bespoke awards that we have made in the past and we would be happy to discuss any specific requirements that you might have. We quote each bespoke job individually as prices will need to take into consideration the unique demands of each job.